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    Black Eyes: A Proven Misconception

    Black eyes are considered the most common eye color, along with green, blue, grey, brown, amber, or hazel eyes. Green, grey, and blue are some rare eye colors, while brown has a majority, but all this is topped by black colored eyes. So are they actually black? Is it possible for a person to see things with black eyes? As…

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  • What Makes Blue Pigment Unique In The Natural World?

    Nature entails species that have a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from the olive- colored Ridley turtles, to pink flamingos, to the red-billed firefinch. But what about the color blue? Well, blue is an extreme rarity when it comes to the animal kingdom. Although we may find blue butterflies and blue whales, they are actually not blue. These species merely…

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  • Facts

    Do You Know Why People Have Different Colored Hair?

    Look around, and you’ll find people with hair of a variety of colours. Ever wondered what factors lead to this phenomenon? Here is the answer as to why this variation is observed. VARIETY OF HAIR COLOR The colour of hair is primarily due to the amount and type of pigment melanin in the cells. These cells are heavily keratinized. Melanin…

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  • Health and Wellnessalbinism

    A Chronicle About Living With The Disorder ‘Albinism’

    Albinism is an inherited disorder characterized by little or no production of the pigment, melanin. Furthermore, the type and amount of melanin the body produces are responsible for determining the color of skin, hair, and eyes. Usually, it is an autosomal recessive condition. Via – SYMPTOMS Almost always, vision is affected by albinism. It comprises of problems such as:–…

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