• HistoryHistory of Pillow

    The History of Pillow: Your Sleeping Friend

    Pillows are considered to be one of the most comfortable products ever created by mankind. But, none of us know the story behind the origin and creation of pillows. So, let’s immerse ourselves in the evolution of Pillows. Source: According to several sources, the first documented pillow was created during 7000 B.C. Back in the day, pillows were made…

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  • Facts

    What Is The Reason Behind Placing Flowers On Graves?

    It’s hard to imagine a cemetery or a gravesite without flowers. We have grown up seeing people placing flowers on graves, either in our personal lives or, in the movies. But how old is this custom and why do we do this? An Ancient Custom A popular belief is that ancient Greeks followed a ritual called “Zoai” in which flowers…

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