• Fashion

    Top 8 Weird Beauty Tricks That Actually Work

    What is weirder than roaming around with hemorrhoid cream under your eyes to reduce puffiness and fine line? Well, nothing. These are some really weird beauty tricks that actually work. Some of these are even used by known celebrities. Don’t we all have our own weird tricks and hacks we keep telling each other? So, enjoy the top 8 weird…

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  • FashionEyeliner

    Do You Know About the Origin of Eyeliner?

    Women across the globe don’t step out without a certain fashion and beauty staple item – the eyeliner. Not just that, there is not any one kind of eyeliner, there are several – liquid, gel, kohl, glitter and so on.. Every morning we get ready and draw a line across our eyelid and are amazed how it completely transforms our…

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  • FactsDIY cosmetics

    Replace Your Cosmetic Products With These Homemade DIY Cosmetics Today!

    DIY Cosmetics Makeup has always been the first priority of all the women since they were little! Women cannot live without their daily pampering routine. But what if you run out of one of them? Wouldn’t that spoil your mood, your day and your routine too ?! Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for that! Yes, the products which are…

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