• FactsOrigin of Waffles

    Do You Know About The Origin of Waffles?

    Did you ever wonder about the origin of waffles, the world famous comfort food, and the American staple breakfast? As a matter of fact, waffles have a very interesting history, they stem from the Western culinary tradition. The initial waffles were called obelios and they originated in Greece. Obelios  via – pinterest.in These were flat cakes, made mainly of grain…

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  • Fashion

    5 Amazing Life-Saving Fashion Hacks

    Whenever we come across a fashion problem, it totally ruins our mood and we have to change the plan altogether. These clothing problems are a part of our day to day life and it comes in handy to have some fashion hacks up our sleeve. Whether it’s an annoying pantyhose run or pretty shoes that do not fit your feet,…

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  • FashionEyeliner

    Do You Know About the Origin of Eyeliner?

    Women across the globe don’t step out without a certain fashion and beauty staple item – the eyeliner. Not just that, there is not any one kind of eyeliner, there are several – liquid, gel, kohl, glitter and so on.. Every morning we get ready and draw a line across our eyelid and are amazed how it completely transforms our…

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