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  • Self Care

    15 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

    Stress is a common experience for many. Millions of adults in the United States feel anxious or worried every day. Many people struggle with stress daily. Work, family issues, health, and financial obligations are part of everyday life and often contribute to stress levels. So, These Are Some Simple Ways To Reduce Stress: 1. Get More Physical Activity Source: britannica…

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  • Health and WellnessAnxiety Disorder

    15 Ways To Handle Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety can be defined as one’s response to stress and fear.  We all feel anxious about our first day at college, a new job, giving a speech, or moving to a new place. It’s normal to have ordinary anxiety as it does not impact our everyday life. On the other hand, anxiety disorder is a feeling of extreme uneasiness and…

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  • What Are Emotions And How To Control Emotions?

    What Are Emotions? Emotions are biological conditions that are linked with the nervous system. Emotions play a significant role and have substantial clout on human behaviour. They are autonomous bodily responses to certain external or internal circumstances that occur in our life. Emotions result in various physical and psychological changes in our bodies. Emotions are usually interconnected with mood, temperament,…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Claustrophobia: How To Deal With A Phobia Of Enclosed Spaces

    Have you felt uncomfortable in a place which is closed from all sides and has no ventilation? This is something normal because no ventilation means lack of oxygen, which gives difficulties in breathing. But, if this normal thing becomes a fear or a phobia, it turns abnormal. You might have heard many people talking about their phobias. Phobia is an…

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  • Health and Wellnesshow to breathe while running

    How To Breathe While Running? 4 Easy-To-Follow Steps Is The Answer To Your Question!

    How To Breathe While Running? Follow The Next 4 Steps To Run More Effectively: When we think of running, a whole range of things come to mind. We want to wear the right shoes, the right clothes, we think of the correct posture to run, and so on… But in all the zeal we often overlook the most important part…

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