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  • Self Care

    15 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

    Stress is a common experience for many. Millions of adults in the United States feel anxious or worried every day. Many people struggle with stress daily. Work, family issues, health, and financial obligations are part of everyday life and often contribute to stress levels. So, These Are Some Simple Ways To Reduce Stress: 1. Get More Physical Activity Source: britannica…

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  • Health and WellnessAnxiety Disorder

    15 Ways To Handle Anxiety Disorder

    Anxiety can be defined as one’s response to stress and fear.  We all feel anxious about our first day at college, a new job, giving a speech, or moving to a new place. It’s normal to have ordinary anxiety as it does not impact our everyday life. On the other hand, anxiety disorder is a feeling of extreme uneasiness and…

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  • Health and WellnessSmall Steps For A Healthy Life

    20 Small Steps For A Healthy Life

    Who doesn’t want to stay fit and fine all the time, right? And lately, there has been a great talk regarding fitness and health and following a healthy lifestyle is a prime focus of the time. People nowadays are focusing on healthy habits and are taking several small steps for healthy living. But being physically fit does not necessarily mean…

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  • LifestyleSimple Ways To Find Peace In Life

    10 Simple Ways To Find Peace In Life

    The modern world has a solution to almost every problem. There is the easy availability of anything, anywhere, seeing the present advancing times. We are equipped with the best of technologies and can travel wherever we want to, but still, we struggle to find peace. And though we have easy access to many luxuries of life, we still can’t afford…

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  • Health and Wellness

    4 Ways to Manage Claustrophobia

    Have you felt uncomfortable in a place that is closed from all sides and has no ventilation? This is something normal because no ventilation means a lack of oxygen, which causes difficulties in breathing. But, if this normal thing becomes a fear or a phobia, it turns abnormal. You might have heard many people talking about their phobias. A phobia…

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