• FactsHow Do Butterfly Wings Get Their Magnificent Color?

    How Do Butterfly Wings Get Their Magnificent Color?

    Have you ever wondered why one of the most beautiful insects in the world is like it is? Why are butterfly wings iridescent? How does this happen? The pigment is the one that provides color in cells and tissues and it is the same in every angle, hence giving it the name ‘ordinary color’. So how does that happen? The…

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  • Factscaterpillar

    Read Fascinating Facts About No Celebrity, But A Caterpillar

    Celebrity gossip and television series discussions are all that is trending, talking about who what wear or who is dating who is what the viewers seek from the television and the internet. Well, harsh but true! these talks never benefit us, it only rewards the celebrity we are gossiping about. Let’s have a gossip which advantages everyone! let us gossip…

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