• Self Care

    8 Easy Butter Hacks

    Life without butter is definitely a sad way to live. Butter is one of the important and useful ingredients found in every kitchen. A little bit of butter in your dish makes your dish super-amazing. From making sandwiches to pasta and to even sautéed vegetables, butter can make any dish delicious and buttery. Butter is known to be an all-rounder…

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  • Facts

    Jump From the Mexican Tacos to Desi Taco

    We all know a few things about taco like it’s a Mexican traditional dish, made of corn flour and consists of different fillings. You guys might not know that there is an Indian version of Taco, desi tacos. All the foody people this is the post for you. (Image credit: Taste) Being a foody myself, I believe in eating new…

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  • HistoryHistory of butter

    Let’s Explore The Creation And History Of Butter

    Butter is a solid pale yellow or white emulsion of fat, water and air made by the churning of milk or cream. It is generally used as a spread or while cooking or baking. The word butter is derived from Bou-Tyron which means ‘cow cheese’ in Greek. In simple terms, butter is something that is created out of milk fat.…

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  • Health and WellnessButter

    Find Out How Different Types Of Butter Affect Your Health

    You must have heard and used normal butter often in your mundane life. But, did you know about nutty butter? Well, nutty butter is made out of nuts. Not just any nuts, but specific nuts! So, Why Is Nutty Butter So Important For Your Health? It is a very good source of protein. For this reason, it has gained importance…

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  • Fooduses of butter

    10 Unconventional Uses of Butter

    Who doesn’t like toasted bread with a dollop of butter or the sound of sizzling cold butter sliding down their parathas? Apart from making your Sunday breakfast yummy, butter offers other unconventional benefits. So, here are some of the unique uses of butter! Via – food.fnr.sndimg.com 10 Unconventional Uses of Butter 1. Steer clear of the sticky sap Ever had…

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