• Fashiontinted sunglasses

    Science Behind Different Types And Shades Of Tinted Sunglasses

    All this time you were thinking of buying different tinted sunglasses for different reasons. Be it style, fashion, personal preference, or something else. But here is the thing, you never knew about it, every type of tinted sunglasses has a scientific reason behind it. Which lets you know what is the best tint for you and why. Here are the facts…

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  • Factsmala beats

    Colored Mala Beads: Which Ones Should You Use To Get The Best Life?

    Mala Beads have a special significance in the spiritual aspects of life. Wearing or chanting Mala can bring peace to your mind and soul, but using different colored mala beads for various purposes can also affect your life. Via – Colored Mala Beads: Different Colours, Different Significance So, how do Mala’s of different colors benefit your life? Let us…

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