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    Interesting Facts Behind The Themes Of Flags Around The World

    1. United Kingdom – The Union Jack via – voaindonesia The UK flags around the world consist of the red cross of Saint George (patron saint of England), the Cross of St. Patrick (patron saint of Ireland), and the Saltire of Saint Andrew (patron saint of Scotland). Wales, while part of the UK, is not represented in the Union Jack, as…

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  • FactsShit bus

    Did you Know About the Shit Bus?

    Every now and then, screens of TV and mobile phones flash up the news of depleting the mineral resources. Petrol and diesel across the country are at their highest stakes. And still, the amount of automobiles has been uninterruptedly elevating. This has become a topic to gossip about. In such scenario, have you ever thought of what shall be done to…

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  • Factsvellum

    Why Does The UK Print It’s Laws On Calf Skin?

    For more than 800 years, the United Kingdom has been printing its laws on vellum. But what is vellum? It is made from calf-skin. Vellum is made by first soaking calf-skin in a lime wash. This causes the hair follicles to expand, making it easier to scrape the fat and the fur from the skin. The scraping is done with…

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