9 Tips on Getting Adjusted After Moving to a New Country

Many Americans today are thinking about leaving the country and restarting their lives somewhere else. A survey shows that 16% of US citizens in 2019 wanted to move to another country. Even popular places like West Palm Beach, Florida – which is growing annually by 0.09% – have seen their fair share of out-of-country moves. 

Relocating to a foreign country is an adventure filled with many wonderful opportunities. But it can also be a stressful experience, making it difficult for you to get adjusted.

This article shares some valuable insights on how to get adjusted after moving away from West Palm Beach to another country. Follow these tips to ward off homesickness and get comfy in your new home:

1. Research the culture

Research the culture and traditions of a country before relocating there. Just as tourists read up on a foreign country’s social norms, cultural expectations, and standards of behavior, you can also get well adjusted to your life in another country by figuring out these areas. 

Make this transition from a tourist to an inhabitant easier by learning the language and the cultural etiquette. 

2. Bring your stuff overseas

Sleeping on your old bed and using the furniture you used back home would help you adjust to this new life in another country. That’s why you should consider bringing your possessions abroad when relocating. It’ll give your new house a touch of familiarity and cure your homesickness.

With thousands of new residents moving to West Palm Beach, there’s no lack of credible moving companies in this city. You should look around and find BBB-accredited West Palm Beach international movers with the knowledge to help you move across the country. Contact them online now to get free quotes.

Ensure your West Palm Beach movers safely handle large items, such as furniture and antiques.

3. Create a familiar environment

Use the items you’ve brought from home to decorate your place and give it a West Palm Beach feel. Create a familiar-looking environment by furnishing it with your stuff, i.e., things that make you at home. These decorations will remind you of your hometown in Florida, and they include the following:

  • Stocking your fridge with familiar-looking foods
  • Stapling the pictures of your family/friends on the wall
  • Watching the same TV shows you grew up watching back home

4. Explore your neighborhood

Step out of your comfort zone and explore the neighborhood. The best way to adjust to a place is to sightsee and navigate it thoroughly. Acclimate yourself to your overseas lifestyle by consuming local delicacies, socializing with natives, and exploring the city’s nightlife.

Use Google Maps to find the nearest barber shop and grocery store. Find some new cafes and restaurants. Stroll the streets, and you’ll learn what makes this city special.

Always be open to new opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture. Befriend the locals and socialize with your neighbors so you’ll have someone to talk to when you feel homesick. Having a local friend will help you discover many more places of interest in your new homeland.

5. Join an ex-pat community

You’re not the first to move to another country from West Palm Beach, Florida. Many people have gone through similar experiences in the past, and you can learn from their knowledge. That’s why you should look for ex-pat communities online; seek individuals who can guide you in navigating life in another country. 

You can easily overcome culture shock and adjust to your new lifestyle by talking to ex-pats. This community helps you find a balance between American and foreign cultures, making this weird transition more comfortable. So, if you’re feeling homesick, talk to some of your compatriots.

6. Develop strong relationships abroad

Develop stronger relationships with your neighbors and get involved in your community. That’s how you can assimilate yourself properly into the local culture. Volunteering is an excellent opportunity to socialize with locals and adjust to a new country. You can also try teaching students in this country; you can share your culture with them and receive valuable insights into residing in this country from them.

7. Resume your old routine

Routinization always helps create familiarity with a place and overcome the stress of moving internationally. Keep some parts of your old routine alive when moving from West Palm Beach to another place. You should stick to some of the same activities you were fond of in your hometown. With time, you can change your routines as you gradually adjust after moving to a new country.

8. Keep in touch with family

Believe it or not, you’ll slowly lose touch with your old friends as the most cherished moments of your life become distant memories. You can avoid that by keeping in contact with your buddies back home. It’ll help you go through this international move and overcome its stress.

Use social media to connect with your friends and family. These familiar connections will successfully keep you grounded and make this transition as smooth as possible. Isolation fuels an ex-pat’s homesickness; keeping your old friendships alive lets you adjust to your new lifestyle.

9. Stay positive and patient

Statistics indicate that 10% to 20% of American expatriates eventually return because they cannot adjust to their foreign home. However, with patience and optimism, you can soon overcome your homesickness and get accustomed to living in your new house. Switching homes is generally a stressful episode in a person’s life; relocating overseas will naturally cause discomfort initially. But as soon as you embrace this challenge as a learning opportunity, living abroad will become easy.


It’s common to feel homesick for quite some time after moving to another city. Moving to another country is an even bigger deal! Adjusting to your new lifestyle will take a lot of patience and optimism. Following the suggestions made in this blog, such as learning the local language, exploring the neighborhood, and staying in touch with your family back home, can help you make this transition smoother. Also, hire international movers to bring your belongings to your house. That’s how you can get some sense of familiarity in your foreign home.

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