• History6000 years ago chewing gum

    Do You Know The History Behind Chewing Gum?

    You might have chewed on gum and just nibbling away for hours might have been your favorite thing to do. But have you ever wondered about the actual history of a chewing gum? The chewing gum may seem to be a 90s thing, but it certainly isn’t. People chewed gum in the most natural form even hundreds of years ago.…

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  • FactsForbidden Love Stories

    3 Real Forbidden Love Stories Across The World

    Forbidden relationships are ones that may sound wrong, but people are bound to engage in them at some level because they sound tempting. Some people couldn’t help but feel attracted to a particular member of the family. Over the years, these ‘forbidden’ relationships have been brought up by people with their justification of these being right. Various countries restrict certain…

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