• Entertainmentmukbang and asmr

    Mukbang And ASMR: 2 Popular Social Trends

    Mukbang and ASMR eating has been the ongoing trend of this “new generation,” which is usually on the phone screen, scrolling through social media for hours. People always love to follow the upcoming trends and enjoy them by either trying them out or watching them. Many might have heard the term ASMR and also might say that it’s relaxing and…

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  • FactsTop 7 Tips on Building a Successful Video Ad Strategy

    Top 7 Tips on Building a Successful Video Ad Strategy

    Video is the next big thing! It is a unique style of learning, a way of entertainment, and a powerful tool for influencing people. From YouTube to Facebook, you can find videos everywhere. People prefer a ten-minute video over reading a long article of their interest. On average, YouTube users stream almost 5 billion videos every day! This ultimately comes…

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