• FactsTop 7 Tips on Building a Successful Video Ad Strategy

    Top 7 Tips on Building a Successful Video Ad Strategy

    Video is the next big thing! It is a unique style of learning, a way of entertainment, and a powerful tool for influencing people. From YouTube to Facebook, you can find videos everywhere. People prefer a ten-minute video over reading a long article of their interest. On average, YouTube users stream almost 5 billion videos every day! This ultimately comes…

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  • HistoryEngagement Rings

    Engagement Rings : Are they about love or more?

    You wait for the moment when someone pops the ‘question’, sitting on one knee, with a glorious engagement ring in their hand. Once it’s on your finger, it signifies acceptance of marriage.But, how did its existence come into place? Via – Hub Pages The History of the Engagement Ring can be traced back to the ancient Rome Empire. The ring…

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