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    10 Reasons Why Yoga Is Better Than Gym?

    Yoga or Gym, are you confused about which one is better? Well, both have their own benefits. Yoga is a body and mind workout. Whereas gym exercises are a bit overwhelming. Let’s look into why yoga is better. 10 Reasons Why Yoga Is Better Than Gym 1. It helps in relieving stress source: huffingtonpost Simple asanas like Padmasana help to…

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    What Is Alien Yoga, The Weird Viral Trend?

    A novel phenomenon has been molding headlines all over social media, thanks to yoga fanatics for exhibiting a peculiar fitness trend called ALIEN YOGA. Due to the appearance of the stomach, while performing the exercise, it is called so. Traditionally, it is referred to as NAULI. Apparently, the technique dates back to around 5000 years. Via – RemedySpot Nauli Kriya…

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  • Health and WellnessYOGA Asanas to Keep Your Back Fit And Fine

    5 YOGA Asanas to Keep Your Back Fit And Fine

    I still remember the time when, back in my school, my professor forced everyone in my class to practice yoga in our early morning Physical Training Sessions. I was not even aware of why was I doing it; and to be frank, I was one of those students who were not even able to achieve the whole position correctly. YOGA,…

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