• Did an Iceberg really take the Life of the Titanic?

    Titanic’s proprietors, creators, and manufacturers dedicated a lot of consideration and cost to the manufacturing of the ship. They had guaranteed that she would be the most secure and most sumptuous liner to ever exist above water. Nobody,  at any point, envisioned that an extensive sea liner would endure deadly harm. So was it really the crashing into an iceberg that…

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  • FactsFacts About Dogs

    Top 8 Facts About Dogs That You Probably Didn’t Know

    Dogs are the most precious gift to mankind. They are loyal, loving, caring, and very intelligent, but there is a lot more to them than all of this. These facts about dogs are really going to blow your mind and you will adore these creatures more than ever. So here are some facts about dogs you probably didn’t know. Unique…

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  • FactsThe Heart Of The Ocean

    The Truth Of ‘The Heart Of The Ocean’s from the movie Titanic

    The oscar winning movie Titanic displayed a profound and passionate love story that is fiery yet innocent, simple yet complex, fantasy yet emotional. Pretty sure! no one could forget the sketching scene from the movie Titanic. As Jack sketched Rose, she laid there on the couch, spell bound in his eyes and only wearing a necklace of blue diamond on…

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  • Factsmysteries of Titanic

    Surprising Mysteries and Myths Behind the Titanic

    1. The Original Titanic via- newyorker.com Talking about the mysteries of Titanic, what do you think of when you hear the word Titanic? The first thing that comes to our mind is the epic romantic tragedy; the 1997 film “Titanic”. The movie begins with Rose narrating her story of how Rose and Jack fall in love on board and eventually…

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  • Historywhat if the titanic never sank

    This Conspiracy Theory Proves Titanic Never Really Sank

    What If The Titanic Never Really Sank? There is hardly a soul left unmoved by James Cameron’s legendary movie Titanic. Following a story of the greatest ship to have ever set sail, it made us laugh, weep, and pray for all those 1500 people who lost their lives during the real-life tragedy back in 1912. More than a century later, the…

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