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    6 Benefits of Lemon Juice Drink of Summer

    Wondering, what is the heavenly juice of summer? It is right there in your kitchen. Yes, lemon. Lemon is the heavenly juice of summer’. Lemon juice has awe-inspiring benefits on your health and if drunk in summer it is pure heaven. 6 Benefits of Lemon Juice Drink of Summer 1. Skin Care (Image credit: India TV) Need a glowing and…

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    Learn these Essential Basic Life Support Tips to Save Lives

    Dead is the permanent cessation of all functions that keep a living organism alive. All the functions of the body are controlled by the brain. Therefore, Basic life support (BLS) knowledge is needed. It is a level of medical care given to victims during life-threatening illnesses until pharmaceutical care at a hospital. It can be administered by skilled medical personnel,…

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