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    The Most Astonishing Fact: A Snail Has 14,000 Teeth?

     WHO ARE SNAILS? Snails are the earliest known animals in the world. They are gastropods with a spiral shell which is loaded on the back. They breathe atmospheric air and convert it into oxygen with the help of their lungs. Snails are of many types. Some are found inside a rock and some live on the leaves of a plant.…

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    The Truth About The Astonishing Dwarf Village of China

    With about 40% of its inhabitants being several heads shorter than an average human being, China’s dwarf village Yangsi has been puzzling scientists for decades. It is situated in southwest China’s Sichuan Province. 36 of the 80 residents are dwarfs – the tallest one is about 3 ft. 10 inches tall and the shortest, 2 ft. 1 inch. There is no proper…

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