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    Facts About Perfumes That Will Blow Your Mind

    Perfumes have now become a necessity in the monthly shopping list. And all we know about it is just this, that it makes us smell quite nice. Though,  just like any other thing, fragrances are too a storehouse of some fascinating facts which may leave us astonished The Art of creating a perfume has been originated by Egyptians but that’s…

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  • Factscandle smells

    Never Heard Before Candle Smells, That will Make you Wonder.

    andles have been used to illuminate our homes and celebrations for more than 5,000 years, and for a good chunk of that time we were content with the ordinary “candle”-smelling candle. But in the 20th century, the notion of a scented candle caught on like wildfire. The popularity of candles remained steady until the mid-1980s, when interest in candles as…

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