• FactsWhy do we say God Bless You when you Sneezes

    Why do we say God Bless You when you Sneeze?

    In an era of high-tech world, there are still some things which we follow monotonously without even giving any thought to it or I can say without questioning ourselves what’s the reason behind it. And, surprisingly to all of it, one such repeated act of ours is saying ‘God Bless you’ or ‘Bless you’ when someone sneezes. Well,  scientifically sneeze happens…

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  • Facts

    Facts About Perfumes That Will Blow Your Mind

    Perfumes have now become a necessity in the monthly shopping list. And all we know about it is just this, that it makes us smell quite nice. Though,  just like any other thing, fragrances are too a storehouse of some fascinating facts which may leave us astonished The Art of creating a perfume has been originated by Egyptians but that’s…

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