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    7 Bamboo Products as a Replacement for Plastic Products in Our Lives

    Our community is so used to utilizing plastic products now that it’s part of our regular life. It’s cheap, convenient, easily available, and light. However, it’s also becoming clear that it’s really not the best choice of product for everyday usage, because of various health reasons and because it’s disrupting the human life cycle along with the aquatic life cycle…

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  • Factsdiy toothbrush bracelets

    MIY ToothBrush Bracelet Is What You May Not Know

    MIY toothbrush bracelet with your old brushes Well, let’s make a MIY toothbrush bracelet with your old brushes! Shocked by the name! This is really going to be fun! Try it home it’s quite a way simple and a bit innovative.Ok! Let’s make it. via: kraftykid What will you require? Some waterA saucepan (you can use any other vessel you are comfortable…

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