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    What Happened After Mahabharata War?

    Via – TalkativeMan Life moves on…the same way it did after the Mahabharata War! In the previous article, what happened to Draupadi and Pandavas was explained. But, even Lord Krishna was part of the Mahabharata War…what happened to him? Curiosity is the key to more knowledge. Let’s see if I could give probable answers to our curious questions! Pandavas started…

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  • HistoryVel Weapon

    Vel Weapon The Significant Weapon in the Hindu Mythology

    In Hindu mythology, every god has a weapon or an item with excellent symbolic and metaphorical references. For instance, Lord Shiva is seen with a ‘Damru’ that signifies infinity. He is also seen with the ‘Trishul’ which stands for the three Gunas prescribed in the Dharma. We will talk about Lord Karthikeyan’s weapon, the ‘Vel weapon‘, and the exciting story…

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