• FactsWhy Your Next Vacation Should Be In New England

    Why Your Next Vacation Should Be In New England

    Are you wondering where to spend your next vacation? Are you dreading the thought of some crowded, expensive theme park that is anything but relaxing? How about historic and beautiful New England? It has just a little bit of everything, whether you want a vacation for the whole family or a romantic getaway for just the two of you. Here…

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  • History

    5 Most Beautiful Libraries Around The World!

    There exist people, like me, who can spend hours on end in a library and lose themselves there forgetting about the world that is thriving outside. Many people think that reading books is a headache and it is better to stare at the idiot box instead. As opposed to that, immersing oneself in a book and creating a world of…

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  • HistoryDead languages

    Five Dead Languages You Should Know About

    It is predicted that about 90% of the languages spoken currently will be extinct by the year 2050 and that one dies out every 14 days. Several languages once spoken by enormous populations centuries ago have transformed into several other languages and are now considered dead. Let’s have a look at five of the major ones. Coptic via – adiakrisis.wordpress.com…

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