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    11 Symptoms of PCOS

    PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome. It results in an imbalance of female hormones resulting in enlargement of the ovaries. There is also the development of several cysts on the outer side. Recent studies rank PCOS as the most common uterine disorder in females globally. Statistical study shows that “One in five per cent of the Indian women suffer from…

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  • LifestyleWays To Reduce Mobile Addiction

    12 Effective Ways To Reduce Mobile Addiction

    The enhancing technology in today’s world has given us a lot of advantages. Life seems more comfortable and easy. People can do almost everything with a small, handy device known as “Mobile”. But the fact that this device has many hazards can’t be the elephant in the room. Mobile addiction is a serious problem faced by many people worldwide. Most…

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  • Health and WellnessCommon Health Diseases Home Remedies

    7 Common Health Diseases Home Remedies

    When it comes to common health ailments like the common cold, headache, nausea, etc., there’s often nothing more effective than your kitchen and groceries to find health fixes. Mother nature provides us some genius natural home remedies to nurse yourself back to health, so stop running to the chemist and exhausting your money. Here are some basic remedies for common…

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  • Health and Wellness5 Common Household Products That May Be Carcinogenic

    5 Common Household Products That May Be Carcinogenic

    Cancer is the leading cause of death globally and was linked to an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018. The disease takes many forms and is the result of an interaction between a person’s genetic factors and external agents such as physical, chemical, and biological carcinogens. One source of cancer are chemicals found in everyday products that you use. Those…

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    The Future of Robotic Surgery – Is it the Game Changer for Patients?

    What is Robotic Surgery? How does it work? Robotic surgery has come as a boon to many patients around the world, initially introduced in the early 2000s, surgery using robots has come a long way since then. In many fields of medicine, robotic surgery is now preferred over the conventional ways of doing surgery. Many scientists and professionals in the…

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