• FactsHow Do Butterfly Wings Get Their Magnificent Color?

    How Do Butterfly Wings Get Their Magnificent Color?

    Have you ever wondered why one of the most beautiful insects in the world is like it is? Why are butterfly wings iridescent? How does this happen? The pigment is the one that provides color in cells and tissues and it is the same in every angle, hence giving it the name ‘ordinary color’. So how does that happen? The…

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  • Facts

    Why Do Things Get Darker When Wet?

    Regardless of how much deodorant we utilize, it is trying to shroud the indications of overexertion. The armpit gets darker and back sweat is very noticeable under the glaring light. However, why is the texture darker when it’s wet? You may hate that attire producers haven’t explained the issue yet. But, it has nothing to do with the cosmetics of…

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  • Factsblue eyes more prone

    Are Blue Eyes more Prone to Malignancy?

    What causes Malignancy? The human eyelid is a thin skin layer that can’t shield your eyes from the sun’s harming beams alone. Malignancy can happen on eyelids. It has been proved that blue eyes more prone to malignancy. Because of sun introduction and that disease can spread to the eyes. Sunbeams can cause malignancy in the iris, the eye’s center…

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  • FactsRed and Yellow makes you hungry

    Do the colors Red and Yellow make you feel Hungry?

    It is often noticed that many of the restaurants’ logos are in red and yellow colors. Furthermore, it is said that the restaurants generally use these colors to attract customers as red and yellow cause hunger pangs. Whether the combination of red and yellow makes you hungry is an intriguing question. via – The warm and cool color concept…

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