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  • Factschocolate can cause death

    Did You Know Chocolate Can Cause Death?

    “Too much of anything is dangerous”. Indeed, an excess of everything is harmful, be it sleep, exercise, confidence, coffee and even your favorite food- chocolate! Have you ever wondered that the chocolate, which immediately lightens up your mood, improves your brain function and even lowers the risks of heart disease, can actually cause death? Via- The Major Component- Theobromine…

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  • HistoryRuth Wakefield

    Ruth Wakefield Is The Lady To Thank For Your Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Origin of chocolate chip cookie With winter knocking at our door, what better food to comfort our soul than a glass of warm milk and chocolate chip cookies? Chocolate candies and cookies have a wintery, Christmassy feel to them, don’t they? Via – But did you know the first batch of Chocolate chip cookies was created accidentally? Well, who…

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  • Health and WellnessHome Made Protein Snacks

    Homemade Protein Snacks Are All That You Need

    “I need those muscles on my body; I want to look a bit pumped up!” said one of my clients during his first session. And another client who was more focused on losing weight said, “I seriously want to lose weight, and I even strive hard for that. I follow a diet and workout but still, I don’t lose weight.”…

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