• FactsThe 12 Olympians - The Sublime Figures of Ancient Greece

    The 12 Olympians – The Sublime Figures of Ancient Greece

    Greek Mythology has no written texts like the Christian Bible or Hindu Vedas. Instead, they are spread through oral communications (especially the stories of The 12 Olympians) from the beginning of the Bronze Age, but soon they were written in literature of the archaic and classical periods. Gods, Goddesses, heroes, and monsters were an important part of the Ancient Greeks’…

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    Greek Mythology – Off Stories, Legends, and Tragedies

    Greek Mythology – the vast collection of the most scandalously delightful and tragic legends and stories that humankind ever imagined. Over thousands of years, Greek mythology has collected everything, from the sweeping tales of adventures, wars, and the Olympians, to everyday stories about ordinary people. While many of these stories, like most myths, were aimed at explaining natural phenomena, some…

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