Do you Know Pediatrics are also called healers of children?

The branch of medicine that deals with the health and care of children up to the age of 18 years is referred to as, Pediatrics. Developed in mid 19th century. Pediatrics is a relatively new medical specialty. The father of pediatrics is Abraham Jacobi. 

The word Pediatrics literally means healer of children. It is derived from two Greek words, ‘pais’ meaning child and ‘Castros’ is Doctor.  In short, the treatment of infants children, and adolescents up to the age of 18 years, is the responsibility of Pediatrics


  • Children, who fall under a certain age group are prone to many elements because of their deficiency in their immune system. A child’s physician or a pediatrician is henceforth responsible for taking their medical care and preventing them from any chronic ailment. The aim to reduce
  • infant mortality rate and control of the spread of communicable diseases among children also lie under the pediatrician’s list of duties. 
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle among children and adolescents is one of their goals. Besides that, severe health conditions, such as cancers genetic and other organ diseases, and infections are also treated by pediatricians. 
  • Other than physical health issues problems, such as social Stress and Anxiety, mental disorder, behavioral problem, and other such problems visible in children, or young adults, and also dealt with by pediatricians. 


  • Adult Medicine cannot be compared with Pediatrics because pediatricians deal with a smaller shape of the human body, which is different. Substantial in terms of physiological means. Moreover, children have a different kind of immune system and a different set of hormones that have not been yet Advanced like in adults.
  • Due to the difference in size between adults and children. There is a difference in the absorption and reaction to various drugs and medicines among both. This is also a major reason why pediatrics is a separate body of healthcare and Medicine from the normal adult Physicians. 
  • The metabolism pattern and the drug elimination in both are also significantly different besides these, the distribution of the water, and fluid volume within the human body of adults, and infants also have a vast difference.


Depending upon which place you decide in the world. The training of Pediatricians can vary considerably. Admission to the degree course, maybe undergraduate level, or graduate level. 

In any case, it might, last up to four to five years, after which the student wants to seek a future as a pediatrician. Then the student is expected to choose a specialization, there are several specializations and subspecialties available under Pediatrics such as neurology, hematology, infectious disease, endocrinology, child abuse, etc. After taking such a subspecialty, the student pursues training and fellowships under that particular degree course. They are also expected to enroll in several kinds of internships, along with Learning to care for infants child young adults during this period. Depending upon the jurisdiction and specialization and your University, the period in which the degree gets completed varies immensely.

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