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    Is The Dark Web Real Or Is It A Conspiracy?

    The internet is a lot of fun. You can watch videos on YouTube, connect with your friends through Facebook, Instagram etc. Maybe once in a while, you might go to the weird side of YouTube and watch some crazy videos. But underneath all of that is something called The Dark Web. The Dark Web is very real. It is not…

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    5 Fascinating Mythical Creatures from North-East India

    The North-Eastern part of India is shrouded with mystery according to the people of mainland India. It’s understandable for them to have a view like that because North East India is very different from other parts of India, be it the colour of their skin or their culture. When people talk about the North East states they mainly mention the…

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  • The 3 Korean Skin Care Trends You Need To Know About

    With the recent rise of the popularity of K-pop and K-dramas all over the world, there has been more and more interest in Korean beauty culture, especially Korean skincare. Asians and especially Koreans are famous for having clear, glowy, and hydrated skin. Their stars especially have beautiful skin even without makeup on. In Korea, skin care is part of the…

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  • The Popular Internet Conspiracy: The Mandela Effect

    Have you ever felt like, you’ve known something in a particular way but then, you look back at it and it didn’t actually happen or it happened the other way round?? If you’ve ever experienced something like this, then it seems like you’ve experienced the phenomenon known as The Mandela Effect. It all started with the controversy over Nelson Mandela’s…

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