• LifestyleQuick Things to Carry at the Beach

    10 Quick Things to Carry at the Beach

    Going to a beach is a phenomenal experience, isn’t it? You have everything on your plate that you could ask for. The soothing sand, long-located ever-hustling waters, colorful stalls, and scrumptious food. A beach is a place that delivers tranquility to your soul. The greens and blues form a perfect combination of happiness. Right from the vendors to the winds that…

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  • Fashion5 Stylish Oakley Mirrored Sunglasses for An Edgy Look

    5 Stylish Oakley Mirrored Sunglasses For An Edgy Look

    If there is one accessory that you can never have too many of, it’s sunglasses. From aviators to round sunglasses, there are just too many incredible styles from which to choose. However, one trend that has caught everyone’s attention is the Oakley mirrored sunglasses.  Oakley has taken the eyewear world with a storm. It has grown into a company that offers…

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  • Factsblue eyes more prone

    Are Blue Eyes more Prone to Malignancy?

    What causes Malignancy? The human eyelid is a thin skin layer that can’t shield your eyes from the sun’s harming beams alone. Malignancy can happen on eyelids. It has been proved that blue eyes more prone to malignancy. Because of sun introduction and that disease can spread to the eyes. Sunbeams can cause malignancy in the iris, the eye’s center…

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