• EntertainmentBenefits of Reading on a Regular Basis

    16 Benefits of Reading on a Regular Basis

    Since time immemorial, reading has been laid quite a stress upon. When a child enters school, he is provided with reading and writing books, and the teachers make sure to nurture those skills primarily. All of us still remember how we were often asked to recite ABC or short kindergarten poems. Children participating in several poem recitations and reading competitions…

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  • EntertainmentWays To Read Better and Faster

    9 Ways To Read Better and Faster

    Do you ever wish if you could read faster and better? Understanding every aspect, every word. No doubt, reading books is important. Rather, it’s a life skill that helps you to gather knowledge. But we can’t read every book with the same interest. Well, what to do in this case? Read a limited number of books? Nah…You don’t have to…

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  • LifestyleBenefits Of Reading Books

    8 Wondrous Benefits Of Reading Books

    Do you ever feel like you are just wasting time scrolling Instagram and reading tweets? Want to be more productive than that? If only you could have a vocabulary of Shashi Tharoor? If yes, then you should probably start reading from now on. Books have been an essential part of our lives since childhood. But we only read it for exam…

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  • LifestyleImportant Truths In Life

    9 Important Truths In Life That Are Essential To Learn

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But is making lemonade as easy as it sounds? It is a confounding nod from people who don’t consider important truths in life and pretend that it is all Sundays. As unbearable as it sounds, you cannot live your life the way you spend a regular Sunday – relaxed and unworried. It is…

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  • Facts

    Ever Thought Why Do Books Smell So Good?

    Every book lover knows that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can beat the aroma of a book in this whole wide world. It doesn’t matter if the book is old or new. Books smell great. Via: Old books tend to smell like vanilla flowers and almonds. This is because of the breakdown of certain chemical compounds in the paper.…

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