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    11 Thriller TV Series Kick-start Your New Year By Binge Watching

    Alright, it is time that you order a medium pepperoni pizza, and grab that popcorn tub along with some beer, Doritos, and Pringles because you will need them while binge-watching these 11 thriller TV series. 11 Thriller TV Series Kick-start Your New Year By Binge Watching 1. Tabula Rasa Image credit: Facebook After the disappearance of Thomas Spectre (Jeroen Perceval),…

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  • Education

    10 Things You Can Relate To If You Are Learning A Foreign Language

    Learning a second language, more often than not, seems easier than it is. One has to swim through a swamp full of complicated grammar, get stranded on a desert island with conjugations, keep up with Duolingo instead of the Kardashians, embarrass oneself in front of a native speaker, and much more. Learning a foreign language helps polish your vocabulary, boosts…

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  • Did an Iceberg really take the Life of the Titanic?

    Titanic’s proprietors, creators, and manufacturers dedicated a lot of consideration and cost to the manufacturing of the ship. They had guaranteed that she would be the most secure and most sumptuous liner to ever exist above water. Nobody,  at any point, envisioned that an extensive sea liner would endure deadly harm. So was it really the crashing into an iceberg that…

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    French Toast Isn’t Actually French

    The exact origin of French Toast is unknown. But it is clear that France wasn’t the country where this breakfast originated. This delicious toast has its earliest reference that dates all the way back to Rome in the 4th century. French Toast’s Roman Connection via – Brown Eyed Baker ‘French  Toast’ is mentioned as Pan Dulicius in a Roman cookbook…

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