5 Style Tips College Students Must Follow

As busy as college might be, it can also be a fun place where lots of positive memories are created. College is also a great place to experiment and discover your personal style. People are allowed to express themselves, particularly in how they dress. If you have been looking to make some changes to your wardrobe, this article is just for you because we focus on five style tips you might want to follow.

5 Style Tips College Students Must Follow

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While there is no concrete dress code rule for most colleges, there are some styles that appeal to most people and would be appropriate for college. Here are the styling tips we will discuss today:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Choose clothes that match your body type.
  • Invest in qualitative staple pieces.
  • Follow your budget.
  • Accessorize.

In the section below, we dive into more detail regarding these style tips, even suggesting some clothes options.

1. Keep it simple

As college can get very busy, with endless classes, creative writing assignments and exams, you don’t want to pick clothes that are hard to match to one another to create outfits. Instead, you should go for a more simple look, as it’s more likely to make you appear put together than a more complicated outfit. You can also decide to go with a capsule wardrobe, so you know there are many options for choosing what you want to wear. Plain black, beige, grey and white t-shirts, and black and blue jeans make up most capsule wardrobes.

2. Choose clothes that match your body type

A type of clothing that looks good on you might not necessarily look good on another person — that’s just the way life is. You shouldn’t feel forced to conform to a particular dress style when out shopping. Instead, you should look to get clothes that fit your body type. Some people look better with tight-fitting clothes, while others might benefit from an oversized look.

3. Invest in qualitative staple pieces

As a student, you probably don’t have a lot of money to buy all the trendy pieces and looks you see on Instagram. To remain stylish and put together, look for clothes that are of great quality and will be fashionable in the long term. Stay away from ultra-trendy pieces, and instead go for classic cuts and timeless styles. For instance, when shopping for outwear, choose a straight wool-blend coat instead of a bomber jacket. That said, follow your own style and don’t sacrifice it for a “trendy” look.

4. Follow your budget

Before you can work on style, you need to have a budget. This will help guide you and prevent you from excessive shopping. For many college students, money is something they rarely have too much of. If you’re a high school student planning for college, then you need to take some steps to stay within your budget, but you might also want to boost your chances of getting admitted. If so, you could ask for the essay writing service plagiarism free which is also affordable to draft your admission essay. This way you will stay within your budget and help your academic performance at the same time. If you spend beyond your budget, you might end up having to cut back on some essentials. Also, many of the expensive clothes we see today simply cost that much because of the brands associated with them. You can get good quality clothes for almost any budget, as long as you are mindful of the places you shop at and the brands you pick.

5. Accessorize

While clothes might be the first thing people notice about you, your accessories can also play a big part in how stylish you look. For example, you might want to consider getting sunglasses, as they serve two functions: protect your eyes on a sunny day and make you look stylish. Other accessories you can consider are bags, watches, bracelets, and necklaces.

Bottom Line

Nobody wants to be the odd one out in college. While for some people it’s easy to come up with a nice stylish look, for others it’s a challenge. However, with enough practice, you should be able to master it. Hopefully, this article provided some tips to help you on that journey.

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