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    Notorious Drug Lord’s Hideaway Mansion Is Now A Lavish Resort

    How about a getaway in one of Colombia’s notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar’s hideaway mansion in Tulum, México? Well, it might sound a little weird, but the mansion once owned by the most powerful man in Colombia during the 1980s and 90s is now a lavish resort worth millions. After Escobar was killed by the Colombian National Police in 1993,…

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    Crazy Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar, popular as Robin Hood for the poor and an ambitious and violent Druglord to the rest; had, without doubt, grasped the world’s attention during his so-called reign. In the mid 80’s when he was at the peak of his drug business, he managed to uphold the position of the wealthiest man with a net worth of around $30…

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