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    Know About The Special Connection Between Canada And Netherlands

    The Canadian Tulip Festival is held every year in May in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It showcases around a million tulips and has an attendance of over 500,000 visitors annually. Other than being the world’s largest tulip festival, the Canadian Tulip Festival also serves as a reminder of the unique connection between Canada and the Netherlands. Second World War Via: On…

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    Giethoorn: A Village Without Roads That Pave the Way For A Heavenly Trip

    A Village Without Roads Paves The Way For A Heavenly Trip Fairytales are synonymous with beauty. The surreal surroundings are not only aesthetic, but they impart a sense of awe and wonder. A place with colorful flowers, blue lakes, as well as small and beautiful houses is the perfect dream destination for people across the globe. Even as children, most…

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