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    Why Do People Cross Fingers for Luck, Lies and Promises?

    Turns out, individuals have been crossing their fingers for luck for a long time. The correct roots of this training isn’t completely known. Students of history have two or three ideas on how the cutting edge hone happened. Yet, there is some mystery in this.   (Image credit: Factsandall) Few students of history trust that the training pre-dates Christianity. As…

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  • Historycross our fingures

    Find Out The History Of Why We Cross Our Fingers To Bring Good Luck

    Superstitions originated thousands of years ago, from religious and cultural traditions. They are based on good as well as bad luck, and hence, specify what possible circumstances or actions that should be avoided. LUCK – GOOD OR BAD The word “luck” suggests that it is subconsciously relying on divine intervention or ‘kismat‘ to tackle a particular situation. It is conjectured…

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