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    7 Grooming Tips All Stylish Men Know

    It is not enough to simply be well-dressed. It is important to be well-groomed as well. This inherently leads a certain style and charisma to every individual. Most Indian men tend to neglect their grooming as an unimportant task. However, this only has a detrimental effect on their appearance and get-up. There are many easy tips with which you can…

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  • FashionA Perfect Haircut: The Art Of Talking To Your Barber

    A Perfect Haircut: The Art Of Talking To Your Barber

    Have you ever walked into the barbershop knowing exactly what you wanted, only to leave with something diametrically different? Chances are you have. This is a universal experience that has happened to almost everyone at least once. Once you find a barber you love, getting the perfect haircut every time becomes a breeze—but what if you haven’t found them yet?…

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  • FashionHow To Wear Your Hair Millennial Style With Different Hairstyles?

    How To Wear Your Hair Millennial Style With Different Hairstyles?

    Things change as we grow up. From our early days of schools to the time we retire, we meet thousands of people. Everyone got that one thing that just simply charming. It can be your smile, sense of humor, or maybe your hairstyles? You can’t change your smile or your sense of humor but some variation in your hair might…

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  • FactsEarring According to Your Hairstyle

    How to Match Your Earring According to Your Hairstyle

    The face of a person is the focal point in the entire body as all the focus lies there. Apart from all the god gifted features of the face, another thing that makes a huge difference in how the person looks is the hairstyle of the person. It can really make a world of a difference to the entire look…

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  • FashionHairstyle

    History of Hairstyle: When, How and Where?

    The first form of hairstyle recorded in history was 30,000 years ago, and they were braids. Initially, women grew hair as long as they could naturally, but with the pace of change, the length of hair started changing too, giving birth to various hairstyles or hairdos as we call it today. Therefore, if you want to be a part of…

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