• Health and WellnessThings to do after retirement

    15 Amazing Things To Do After Retirement

    Retirement is a phase of re-discovery when people indulge in their hobbies or explore new things. People often claim that it is a phase of relaxation after years of hard work. Contemporary society offers a lot of work that you can do after retirement. Following is the list of the most popular choices. Let’s dive into it. 15 Amazing Things…

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  • Health and WellnessTips To Make PMS Easy For You

    6 Tips To Make PMS Easy For You

    PMS is a real thing. Yes, you’ve heard this term probably a thousand times, but just believed that it’s just a layman’s term for being extraordinarily emotional or sensitive. PMS is elaborated as Premenstrual Syndrome. It is a condition, which affects a high percentage of women during certain days of their menstrual cycle, or some days before it. The syndrome…

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  • Facts

    What’s Keeping You Awake At Night?

    One of the common problems of modern living is the lack of sleep. Most of us aren’t getting enough sleep. Here’s what’s hampering our eight hours of slumber and what we can do to fix the problem. But first, let me tell you the power of sleep: There’s a proven connection between sleep and mental health. While a good amount…

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