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    Here Is How You Surf At The Pororoca-n Paradise!

    Every year, around the spring equinox (between March and April), the surfers of the world gather at São Domingos do Capim, a Brazilian Municipality. Since 1999, this town has been hosting the annual sport’s championship on the adjacents of the Guama’River. But aren’t tides an occurrence in the oceans and seas? via- www.hypescience.com A  Short Geography Lesson The Guama’River is one…

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    Why The Same Surface Of The Moon Always Faces The Earth?

    A day on Moon is approximately 29 and half day on Earth. We only see 59% of the Moon’s surface. When the Moon was formed, its rotation speed and orbit was much more different than it is now. Over time, due to Earth’s gravitational force, the rotation speed of the Moon got decreased. We are familiar with the fact that…

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