• History

    Get to know About the History of Jalebi

    Crispy, coiled, and hot, that’s jalebi for you. Jalebi has the power to mesmerize anyone and bring water to hundreds of mouths. The process of making jalebi itself is very beautiful and a picturesque site for the foodies to behold. The way it is doled out in hot oil, using a soft cotton cloth piece then dipped into the sweetest…

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  • Facts

    This Diwali, Indulge In Desi Sweets With A Global Makeover!

    Diwali, the festival of lights, arguably one of the most awaited Hindu celebrations, is just a few days away and the city is rife with restaurants serving delectable sweets and dishes specially prepared for the occasion. While traditional sweets such as laddoos, Barfis, Kaju Katlis and Jalebis are a common sight, the influence of Global cuisine has led to the…

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