• Health and WellnessEffective Home Remedies Using Cumin Seeds

    15 Effective Home Remedies Using Cumin Seeds

    Cumin is one of the essential ingredients in every Indian kitchen. It is used in a majority of curries and stews for flavours and other properties. Cumin seeds are rich in many anti-inflammatory antioxidants, because of which it is known as antibacterial and antiseptic. It helps in good digestion and solves bloating problems, constipation, and many other ailments. Apart from…

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  • Factsindian cuisine before chilli

    Did You Know About Indian Cuisine Before The Advent Of Chili?

    Indian Cuisine Before Chili Chilli forms the soul of every Indian household. No housewife or cook can imagine whipping up a traditional Indian meal without the use of chili in some or the other form- be it as red chili powder, or a green chili paste, or just chopped up juliennes. But, did you know that there was once a…

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