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    Astonishing Places You Won’t Believe Exist!

    Are you looking for an astonishingly amazing travel destination this year? Then what are you guys waiting for? Look at these places below and start packing your bags thereafter because we are pretty sure once you go through this you’re gonna fall in love with these places. 1. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan (Image credit: Pezcame) This is a literal…

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  • Origin Of Humans In The World

     Origin Of Humans Human beings are the apex predators in the world today. The world wouldn’t be the same without human beings. But have you ever wondered, who was the first human being ever on the Earth? Let’s look at a few scientific facts about human beings: Via: thehumanevolutionblog.com Fact: The word “human” generally refers to the species of the genus…

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  • Do You Know About Australia’s Biological Warfare Against Rabbits?

    Rabbits are by far one of the cutest and most cuddly animals around. But did you know that in Australia, wild rabbits are a serious pest! They cause millions of dollars of damage to crops. Since the 20th century, various methods have been employed to control the widespread population of rabbits in Australia. via wikipedia.org Conventional methods include shooting rabbits…

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