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  • Health and WellnessYOGA Asanas to Keep Your Back Fit And Fine

    5 YOGA Asanas to Keep Your Back Fit And Fine

    I still remember the time when, back in my school, my professor forced everyone in my class to practice yoga in our early morning Physical Training Sessions. I was not even aware of why was I doing it; and to be frank, I was one of those students who were not even able to achieve the whole position correctly. YOGA,…

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  • Health and Wellnessback pain

    Back Pain- The Most Common Corporate Condition!

    Back Pain Treatment The “Painful” side of all of us! “Ouch, I think I got a sprain in my back!” “Ah, I can’t bear this pain!” These are our very own statements when we make a counter face off with one of the scariest aches of all time- Back Pain. Almost every one of us has had a back pain…

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