Here Is Why Yummy Round Pizzas Are Delivered In Square Boxes


To all the pizzaphiles out there, you cannot disagree on the fact that there’s no season for not eating pizza. Craving for pizza is a default emotion, everyone suffers from. The mouth-watering cheese-burst pizzas can make anyone smile on a rough day. Pizzas are considered as the best cheat meal across the world and why not? The look we give to our doors when the pizza delivery boy is arriving  is no less than any love story’s scene, and those 30 minutes seems to never end.  

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On  lazy day, a bunch of pizzas on the doorstep may increase your calories intake but love is what matters. So what do you do when you get it? Stare at the delicious topping with so much lust and always rush to eat it. Midst of grabbing your favorite slice, have you ever wondered why the pizza boxes are square whereas all our favorite pizzas are round?

The mystery of the unnoticed square box is about to unfold,

The manufacturers must have cracked their brains in calling the shots to make it round, square or even heart-shaped. The eureka moment was- SQUARE BOX.

Square boxes provide ease of storage and not only this, it’s much easier to make a square box because it can be made from single piece of paper. Stacking up round pizza boxes could be messy and will leave empty spaces between (so better to eat the pizza right away to avoid the waste). Pizza boxes are prepared in bulk and so the square shape is preferred as they are simpler to manufacture. Thus, square boxes are simpler, cheaper and also provide ease to store, transport and pack.

So it’s time to unfold the boxes and get lost in the circle of happiness, and feel the eternal love!

And always remember-‘A SLICE A DAY KEEPS THE SAD AWAY!

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