5 YOGA Asanas to Keep Your Back Fit And Fine

I still remember the time when, back in my school, my professor forced everyone in my class to practice yoga in our early morning Physical Training Sessions. I was not even aware of why was I doing it; and to be frank, I was one of those students who were not even able to achieve the whole position correctly.

YOGA, for me, has always been one of the most difficult exercises to perform. And not only me, for most people out there. Basically, the difficulty arises because we are first of all not aware of why we are doing it. Secondly, we feel that whatever we are performing is 100% correct, even if it is 100% wrong.

Keeping in mind that most of our day goes in sitting, our back must bear all the loads. This is why we experience that back pain.

Follow these Yoga Asanas For Your Back

1. Paschimottanasana

The Word “Paschim” here literally means the involvement of the whole posterior (i.e. Back) side of the body. The end position of this asana involves most posterior segments of the body to feel a stretch. A hold increases the stretch force, and release brings relaxation.

2. Maha Mudra

The position is Long Sitting, with both the feet outstretched. Your non-exercising leg should be folded and kept on the inner side of the thigh, and the exercising limb should be kept straight. You must then try to bend forward so that you should be in a control hold of your toe. It is usually followed by a 10-second hold.

In the start, it might be very difficult for most of the people- due to flexibility, and some may even experience immense pain under the knees (Hamstrings Pain). In such instance, just attempt to touch the toes and come back, and ignore the hold component. Instead, increase the duration.

3. Bhujangasana

  • Lie flat facing the ground with the feet touching each other, sides facing each other and toes pointed.
  • Place palm alongside shoulders. Inhale and push to live the trunk upwards along with head and neck, till the portion above the navel is lifted away from the ground.
  • The body weight must be borne by the arms and the portion of the body below the navel.

The main effect of this asana is on the spine. During daily chores, spine gets bent forward, but hardly gets an opportunity to get stretched backward. This asana tones the deep muscles of the back and helps reduce the pain.

4. Trikonasana

  • Standing straight, jump and stretch out arms and legs sideways to stand on legs (about 3 feet apart).
  • Slowly raise the left hand and bend the trunk to the right till it is in a straight line parallel to the shoulders and the left palm faces inwards.
  • The right arm slides down the right thigh and leg as far as possible.
  • The ideal position is to place the right palm on the ground.
  • For comfort, you can rotate the right foot.

This asana is a uniform stretch of all the lateral muscles of the trunk.

5. Dhanurasana

  • The starting position is to lie down on your abdomen, with both the legs bent.
  • The legs are held at the ankles by two arms stretched at the back.
  • The pull at ankles and lifting of the face and upper part of the chest causes simultaneous lifting of the trunk from the ground.

Similar to Bhujangasana, this asana exercises the muscles at the back in an even manner. One feels agile and fit after regular practice of the same.

Make sure you perform them under the guidance of a professional expert 🙂

Comment on your views about these Yoga Asanas For Your Back!

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