Winter Infections: Here Are Some Tricks To Be Safe From Winter Infections

Winter Infections

Change in temperature and weird weather is what makes you fall sick during winters.

A sudden increase in the air pollutants increases the risk of infections and if caused. It worsens the symptoms and delays the recovery as well.

Everyone gets locked up inside the house with a cough and cold which is most commonly seen.

Here are few common ways to stay away from winter infections!

  • Eat right!

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Eating right is the most common solution to, more or less, all the health problems. For boosting your immunity, a blend b-complex vitamins, antioxidants, and micronutrients in the form of superfoods can help!

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Here are few examples of superfoods which you could include in your daily winter diet: –

  • Garlic

  • Garlic contains a compound allicin which helps in fighting against bacterial, viral, and fungal infections which are quite common during winters.
  • 2 crushed garlic pod a day (raw) should be taken early in the morning.
  • However, many people can’t bear the raw smell of garlic, for them, supplements are available in the market.
  • Nuts and fishes

  • Walnuts and fishes both are rich sources of omega 3 fats. Therefore, they are said to lower inflammation and protects the respiratory tract from the infections.
  • For vegetarians, they can substitute fish with safflower and mustard oils.
  • If a person is taking fish, he can take it twice and week and about nuts- 4 walnuts per day is recommended.
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  • Yogurt/buttermilk

  • Probiotics in yogurt are responsible for maintaining digestive health.
  • Yakul and kefir are the fermented drink and the substitution of Yogurt.
  • A bowl of yogurt per day increases the absorption of nutrients.
  • Vitamins

  • Intake of vitamin A and C should be comparatively higher in winters.
  • Foods which are reddish or orangish in such as mangoes, papaya, pumpkin, and carrot are known to protect the mucosal lining of respiratory tract against diseases.
  • Amla is a rich source of vitamin C which helps in boosting immunity.
  • Daily intake of amla and fruits/vegetable is beneficial in that case.
  • Water intake

  • Thirst is something which becomes less during winters which lead to dehydration.
  • When the mucosal lining dries, the risk of infection increases.
  • If food is important, water is even more important in winters which people tend to forget.
  • You should take 3 liters of water every day.
  • Exercise

  • Working out to fight against diseases is a must.
  • Also, walking early in the morning helps the mucosal lining get proper oxygen. It helps in fighting the infections

SO, Stay healthy, drink lots of water, stay fit!

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