This Article Will Make You Raise A Perfect Toast To These Fun Wine Facts!

Fun Wine Facts

The older it gets, the better! Wine is one of the most popular drinks found in many households! An elite drink that is good for your heart, skin, and popular for other health properties. But, apart from the famous history about how Jesus made wine from water, what else do we know about it? Here are some interesting wine facts!

  1. The world’s largest consumers of wine are the Chinese! They have a whopping record of 155 million 9-litre cases of wine consumption in the year 2013, and they raced with the French! This consumption is attributed to the fact that Red is considered to be a lucky color in China. This and the health benefits associated with wine motivated them to consume such large quantities of the same!
  2.  The monasteries and monastic orders of Cistercians and Benedictines are the ones we should thank for all the kinds of wine we have today! They were the ones who preserved the different ways of making the different kinds of wine through the Middle Ages. History also accredits wine-making technology to these monks!
  3. The world’s oldest wine bottle was found inside the sarcophaguses of two Romans in the town of Speyer, Germany. These bottles were later taken out and kept for display at the Town Museum Historisches Museum der Pfalz.
  4. Aroma” is the term used to describe the smell of young wine. While “Bouquet” is the term used to describe the smell of mature wine! Ever thought that these terms will be associated with wine?
  5. Wine is usually served in a glass that is gently curved at the edges. This is to preserve the aroma within the glass. The thinner the glass, the better the aroma! On the other hand, a trumpet-shaped flaring glass can dissipate the aroma.
  6. The toast that we associate with wine “to one’s good health” dates back to the Greek practice where the host takes the first sip of wine before the guests to ensure that the wine is not poisoned. With this came the birth of the phrase.
  7. Romans once discovered that adding or mixing lead to the wine helped preserve it and also increased the sweetness of the wine. What did they did not expect was lead poisoning. This careless mistake has been cited to be one of the main reasons for the Roman decline in history.
  8. The wine you have should depend on the kind of meal you have. Richer the food, richer and heavier should be the wine. Lighter the food, lighter should be the wine. Red wine is usually had with red meat whereas white wine is usually had with white meat and fish.
  9. Do you know that there are people who have intense fear and a phobia against wine? Such a fear is termed as “Oenophobia”.
  10. Sometimes, the bubbles that were found in the wine were associated with evil spirits and phase of the moon by the Greeks. They saw it as an ill omen or bad luck.
  11. Specifications are not only given to make wine but also for the barrels that store wine. The average age of a French oak tree used to make wine barrels should be 170 years! Wine is not the only one that is old!
  12. Wine tasting is seen to be a very ambiguous term; because it is not the taste buds that do the work, but mostly it is the nose. The smell of wine is a more important aspect of inspecting to test the quality of the good wine.
  13. The Greeks had special cups to have wine in. These cups ensured that no one had wine above the standard quantity. If the cup was overfilled, it broke from the bottom. This was to ensure that no one got drunk due to excess wine.
  14. The difference between European wines and Non-European wines is that while the former were named after the geographic locations from where they were made, the latter were named after the different types of grapes used to make these wines.
  15. Ancient Romans usually added fish sauce, garlic, lead, and absinthe to their wines, because they believed that it was the seasoning of wine that was more important than the main flavor of wine.

So readers! I hope this article about wine facts helped increase your knowledge about the history of wine! We can confidently conclude that it is the procedure, know-how, and history that make this beverage such a classy, sophisticated, and an elite drink! If you know other interesting wine facts, do not forget to tell us about it in the comment section!

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