Why We Can’t Stop Playing Solitaire And How To Avoid Such A Problem

Solitaire is said to have appeared more than 200 years ago. Today, there are dozens of Solitaire online options while long before the invention of computers it was played with real cards. And although there are still some arguments about who started to play it first, one thing is certain: it makes people addicted. Such an outcome is quite surprising since it is just a simple card game that doesn’t come with any special effects. In this article, you will find out why it’s so difficult to stop playing free Solitaire once we try it for the first time and what you can do so as not to come to this point.

3 Reasons For Addiction And Ways To Avoid It

Many psychologists were intrigued by the immediate addiction that people develop after they play Solitaire for a couple of times. So, they tried to find some explanations for this phenomenon. Here’s what they concluded:

1. Solitaire puts you in a competition with yourself.

Even though it is a single-player game, its fun comes from the fact that it forces you to push your own limits. With every hand that you play and win, the desire to beat your last record is higher. Thus, with every new high score that you get, you become more self-confident that you can do even better the next time.

The solution: Building your discipline is the best answer to this situation. You can limit your time playing by planning important tasks or decide to go through a certain amount of games regardless of the results.

2. It is a popular method of relaxation especially for those under stress.

Most of the players who became obsessed with this game started playing it when they were going through difficult times. After they played the first round and won it, they immediately understood that they felt better and could easily forget about their problems. Therefore, people used it as an escape technique and continue to do so whenever they want to have rest.

The solution: Try to find other ways to relax your mind and make them your habits. Drink a cup of tasty tea, call your friend, do some breathing exercises, or choose any other alternative that helped you previously. No doubt, it will assist you well again, and the addiction to Solitaire card games as a tool to get away from problems will gradually disappear.

3. Solitaire is not a complicated game.

This is one of the key characteristics that make classic Solitaire so popular. Often, players do not need to read long instructions or search on the internet for tips and tricks on how to play it. It includes some simple repetitive actions and has a clear goal. Such apparent easiness leads to more and more time spent playing.

The solution: Remember that Solitaire Masters may not just bring fun but also improve your intelligence, attentiveness, and other important skills if you play with dedication. Don’t transfer the cards mindlessly — think about every move and create interesting strategies. Also, you can choose some advanced variations of Solitaire, and with this approach, the game will become more complex, and you won’t spend more time than needed.


Solitaire can be a relaxing game as long as you play it with moderation. However, it can easily make you forget about everything that is around you. The first signs are when you become unproductive and get bored with other activities. Make use of the above solutions, keep Solitaire in the area of having fun, and you won’t have anything to worry about!

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