Why THCV is often called ‘diet weed’ due to claims it can suppress your appetite

One of those cannabinoids, THCV (short for tetrahydrocannabivarin), is found in small amounts in naturally-occurring weed plants. The research on THCV is in its infancy. However, studies on animals and humans indicate that it can suppress appetite. This is why many people use THCV as “diet cannabis,” though experts have cautioned against using cannabis as a weight-loss instrument.

Research suggests THCV could aid in treating Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes and decrease anxiety.

THCV is unlikely to cause an intoxication

Every cannabinoid, THCV included, comes from the “mother” cannabinoid CBG (short for cannabigerol), Insider previously reported. When exposed to environmental conditions like heat or light, CBG reacts and changes into different cannabinoids, such as CBD, THC, or THCV, each with distinctive characteristics. You can buy thcv products online for your requirement at the best price.

The latest studies suggest THCV is less powerful by one quarter compared to THC, Leafly reported. Because THCV is only found in small quantities in marijuana compared to THC and CBD, there’s a chance that a person would consume enough of it to experience a high.

In general, cannabis strains with a Sativa influence originating from Africa contain the highest levels of THCV, according to Leafly. Some varieties, such as Doug’s Varin and Pineapple Purps, are engineered to have higher levels of THCV than they would naturally contain, Leafly reported.

Application in industries

In the cannabinoid market, these innovations will make THCV a common and more affordable product. In the near future, THCV will be marketed by large distribution networks both online and in retail stores in nutraceuticals and cosmetics. The addition of THCV to existing products or product development will be enabled by this.

THCV may reduce appetite. However, it’s not a weight-loss tool.

Other non-flower THCV products claim to deliver the effects of the cannabinoid’s appetite-suppressing properties; Mashable has previously stated. However, there isn’t any research about these products and the effect of THCV on humans.

A study on animals conducted in 2009 found that obese mice with pure THCV had a lower intake of calories than mice who did not have THCV. If THCV is mixed in with THC as it would be if it was from the weeds naturally found in the wild, it didn’t produce the same effect on appetite that the researchers observed. A double-blind study conducted in 2016 on those suffering from type 2 diabetes revealed THCV could help regulate glucose levels.

There’s still not enough evidence to recommend THCV for weight reduction and weight gain treatment options. Researchers released in October 2019 a paper that found that cannabis people were more likely to be overweight. They have also warned against the use of cannabis to lose weight.

What kind of THCV products are available?

THCV is present in full-spectrum hemp and cannabis-related products, including oils, waxes, and edibles. Extracts and isolates of THCV are also available, as well as distillates. Visit cannaaidshop.com to purchase online, they offer pure and powerful THCV products. 

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