Why Splicing Tapes Are Important For Multiple Uses

Various manufacturing firms frequently use splicing tapes to attach an already machine-threaded layer to a new substrate roll. They may be a single or double-coated layer, have polyester, film, or a paper carrier, and have temperature adhesives or other features. The splicing tape guide states that there are two types of splicing tapes; non-repulpable and repulpable splicing tapes. The types of splices include overlap, butt, flying, and W or V splices.

The necessary characteristics are determined by the material being spliced. For instance, in the tape world, the splice is a procedure where two rolls are combined using tape to create one seamless continuous roll. These processes make it easy to have an efficient end-use product. The roll of material will get unwound and go through a manufacturing or converting process. Splicing is not a process to take for granted since it’s hidden in the small, most disposable objects around you. The splicing tapes are easy to tear by hand and can be applied within minutes. Here is why splicing tapes are important for multiple uses.

  1. Technical Details. The most appropriate splicing tape determines the Wed and the production process of the spliced material. Different combinations of tape substrates and adhesive formation ensures optimal performance. The various substrates include papers and films. The adhesive should be compatible with the spliced material and the mechanism or presses used in the production procedure. In addition, the correct tape for the surface is critical. However, the substrate may change due to the brand-new and improved products being made daily by the manufacturers. So, you may sometimes need the splicing tape. Lastly, splicing tapes are used in most industries and production procedures. 
  1. Butt Splicing. Butt splicing requires a single coated splicing tape, which is concluded by laying the twain webs or rolls side by side. A one mantle splicing tape requires joining two endings simultaneously. The overlap or flying splicing is done by applying double-coated tape to the end of the roll or the web. The tape’s liner is then removed to reveal the next side of the adhesive, and the current web or the roll overlaps with the sticky, ultimately joining them together. This process is utilized in paper mills and newsprint. Here, the V creates a greater surface area and a W-pattern tape. The W pattern reduces the likelihood of seams tearing.
  1. Applications. Double-coated splicing tapes are the best for laminators, coaters, and converting operations. The tapes can be pre-owned for performing flying, manual splices, and core starting and roll-finishing applications. Splicing tapes have high-temperature resistance and shear strength, making them suitable for flexible packing and nonwoven. Splicing tapes are also designed for release-coated paper and film in elevated temperatures. You can also use them when the initial high tack is required for photo processing in the label or pressure-sensitive coating applications that require functional splice. Splicing tapes are also ideal for butt, and overlap splice applications since repulpable splicing tapes dissolve in water. Lastly, spicing tapes set the seal on the substrate since the adhesive does not mess up the mechanism and stop the ongoing production of paper where water is used.
  1. General Information. Splicing tapes are utilized to assemble a process continually, joining the end of a web of a material to the beginning of a new web or a roll of fabric. The tapes help avoid wasting time rethreading the new registration through machines or presses. The adhesive on splicing tape can be rubber or acrylic.
  1. Versatility. Double-sided splicing tapes can create a temporary or permanent bond to most surfaces and substrates. Mainly used in medical, healthcare, and electronics firms, double-sided tapes are perfect solutions for devices and applications requiring direct human adherence.
  1. Strength. Double-side splicing tape is primarily used in demanding industries like automotive and medical. The tape has replaced rivets since it fastens and bonds panels. In the medical sector, adhesions are adjusted for short- or long-term wear. This ensures that you can gently remove the tape level. 

Anything that comes in a roll is spliced, whether a canvas, house wrap, or truck tarp. To make a finished product, such things need to go through the splicing process. So, splicing makes our lives more efficient, and splicing tape is the product that makes the process possible. However, not all splicing tapes are the same. So, finding a suitable splicing tape for your application is essential. Please seek help if you need help deciding which splicing tape to use. 

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