This Is Why We Regard Trees And Plants As Sacred In India

Regard Trees And Plants As Sacred

Trees and plants have always been a divine source for humankind. Our Ancestors have recognized the sacredness and passed the notion down to every generation.

This is not a traditional or uncivilized practice.

While modernization often tries to take over and conquer Mother Nature, ancient Indians have always worshiped her.

Life is the gift of God, and thus, it is the most beautiful creation. Life pervades everywhere- in humans, animals as well as plants. Hence, they all are regarded as sacred.

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Science Behind – Sacredness of Trees and Plants

Human life on Earth depends on plants & trees. They give us the essential elements and help us to sustain life. Food, clothing, shelter, medicines, and even oxygen is whole & sole the sponsorship of plants & trees.

They also serve man without any expectations and sacrifice themselves to sustain humans. If you kick a bark or throw the stone at a tree, we get fruits in return, instead of a kick in return something that we all truly deserve!

We were never in the competition for the survival. Flora & fauna has owned Earth even before man made his appearance on it.

At present, the world is at a precipice of a serious threat. Modern city dwellings have taken a toll on forest-lands. This has resulted in the extinction of many vegetation species.

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It is a genuine human attitude. We protect only those things which value us. Hence in India, we are taught to regard trees & plants as sacred.

Hence, we are bound to protect them. Plants like Saatvic & Tulsi are still worshiped. Leaves of Tulsi & Neem are one of the most important herb leaves, and thus, they are used as medicines for treating various ailments.

Trees and plants are God’s gift to humanity, not only in India but also in every other part of the world.

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Hence, the duty of protecting these precious green leaves rests on our shoulders!

Trees and plants are indeed sacred for every living being on Planet Earth!

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